Monday, December 29, 2014

Where I am From

I am from the polka dancing, fun-loving Mommom where I learned to enjoy life. I am from a strong minded, stubborn Nanny who taught me to be a confident woman. I am a proud grand-daughter of a WWII Navy veteran who was modest and refused to be recognized as a hero.
From knee high boots and black nail polish, from Snickers and diet Pepsi. From the purple flowers planted in my yard, the vegetable garden soil between my toes.   I am the love put into each and every blanket I crochet and scrapbook I make.  From 'Pride & Prejudice' to 'Sons of Anarchy', from 'Journey' to 'Papa Roach'. 
I am from Pennsylvania, the descendants German of ancestors who settled in the same area I was born and raised. From deviled eggs in the spring, garden vegetables in the summer, pigs in a blanket during fall, pork and sauerkraut on New Years Day.

I am from vacations at Cape Cod, Ocean City, Walt Disney World and Ireland. From a proud American to an American history buff of historic places like Gettysburg, Williamsburg, Philadelphia and Washington DC.
I am the child who spent every-other weekend at Dads. From clean your room, do your home work and you're grounded kind of home.  From being made to eat liver and spinach for dinner (I wonder if my mother ever noticed the liver was spit out into a napkin and thrown away). I am my grandfather's slide show to the annoying person behind the video camera.
I am from child attending bible school, who remembers singing "Zaccheaus" and "Jesus Loves Me" to the bible school teacher feeling joy passing along the stories of Jesus. 
The girl from a broken family who had an amazing high school English teacher to send me in the right direction instead of making bad choices.  I am the oldest sister of three who protected one another from verbal abuse of a step-father.  I am the mother of three boys. A mother who is determined to break the cycle and raise my children in a loving, safe environment.  
The wife of an honest, dedicated, hardworking, warm hearted, loving husband who makes sure my needs are put before his.   I am the hockey mom doing my best to be on time for all practices and games… drives, waits, motivates, cheers and shivers while sitting in a cold ice rink.

The lucky daughter-in-law with two role models of a successful, loving marriage and tender loving parents.  From the Easter egg decorating, halloween pumpkin contests and gingerbread house making my mother-in-law plans each year for her grandchildren. 
From a home child-care provider of Aunt Tami's House, who is devoted to children. From an animal lover of two dogs and two cats to the proud mama of a chocolate lab puppy.  From a funny girl who likes to laugh to a good friend when you need  a hug.
I am many things to many different people and places.  I love all the things I am and the people who helped shape me into the person I am today!


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  1. I love this prompt!!! This is so amazing and such a beautiful "portrait" of you. I did this exercise a few years ago, and I think it is one my favourite things I've ever written.

  2. I stumbled across it through another friends blog. I thought it was a neat idea. I'd like to read yours. If you find it, send me the link! xo

  3. I keep a link to mine in my image slider under my header.

  4. It's like looking thru a window into your life. Love it!!


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