Tuesday, December 16, 2014

What does Christmas Eve look like at your house?

Christmas 2001
Probably the only time I wait to the last minute to do anything is on Christmas Eve. I got into the bad habit of wrapping gifts on Christmas Eve.  Although it isn't as hectic and stressful as it used to be when the boys were younger.  There are less (but more expensive) presents to wrap.   I like to wrap presents watching the movie "It's a Wonderful Life" starring Jimmy Stewart and drinking a glass (or two) of wine.
Christmas 2009
Christmas Eve is when we hide the pickle on the tree.  In the past the boys would rush down to find the pickle.  Whoever found the pickle first got a prize.  The pickle prize varied over the years from toys to games and now... money.
Christmas 2007
We also spend Christmas Eve with good friends of ours.  We have Chinese take out and unwrap gifts.
Christmas 2006

Christmas Eve is always the time we would take a family photo.  Not the easiest thing to do with three uncooperative boys and dogs that can't sit still.  Seems like each year it gets harder and harder to get a picture.
Wishful thinking on my part, but maybe this year the boys won't moan and groan!!


4 pretty purplexing comments:

  1. I am you! I tend to wrap on Christmas Eve while watching It's A Wonderful Life.... or Love Actually... and having my grasshoppers. I never wanted to put many presents under the tree early in case I couldn't trust the kids not to peek!! And where I hide them is quite hard to get to, so I don't like to go in there more than I have to. My mom will be here Christmas Eve and together we should be able to do it quickly -- but I guess that also depends on late the Christmas Eve party goes!
    Oh dear -- I might have to get my movie and drink and wrapping on earlier this year!! yikes.
    I don't even attempt the family photo. I either get fighting, butts or nothing at all. :)

  2. Don't let the smiles fool you! I beg and pled, yell and scream!! haha!

  3. That was fun, loved seeing the pictures over the years! Merry Christmas.....

  4. I've been going back through a lot of old photos. Why not blog about them, even if they aren't current, right?
    Merry Christmas to you too!!!! xo


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