Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Over the Years {Hockey}

Brandon was born to play hockey!
6 months old - 1997
When Brandon was teething, he would put a hockey puck in his mouth.
As a toddler, Brandon would watch his older brother, Ahren play both ice hockey and dek hockey.  As soon as he walked, played hockey outside with both Ahren and Zachary, but he began expressing an interest to play hockey at the age of 4.
Halloween 2001
He began taking skating lessons soon after.
Center Ice February 2002
2005 Brandon began Hockey Lessons

Brandon started playing hockey for an in-house club during Spring League.
1st place winners!
He joined his first hockey team in 2006.
Daniel Boone Blazers Elementary 2006-2007
Daniel Boone Blazers 2007-2008
Daniel Boone Blazers, Elementary 2007

He joined his first travel team in 2008.
VFC Peewee 2008-2009
We quickly learned he was good at defense!
Valley Forge Colonials Peewee 2008
2008 Thanksgiving Day Tournament
He won his first tournament!

2009 Thanksgiving Day Tournament
2nd place winners
This look shows how disappointed he was that his team didn't get 1st place.
2010 Thanksgiving Day Tournament
1st place winners!

Brandon attended many summer hockey camps.  
One in particular he liked was at Cornell University.
Lynah Skating Rink 2010

He had one season that he thought long hair *ahem* looked good.
Valley Forge Colonials 2009-2010

Valley Forge Colonials 2010-2011

Valley Forge Colonials Bantam 2011-2012
Daniel Boone High School Varsity 2011-2012

Valley Forge Colonials Midget U16A 2012-2013

Daniel Boone HS Varsity Team 2012-2013

Valley Forge Colonials - Midget U16A 2013-2014
Team Captain

Daniel Boone HS Varsity  2013-2014
Team Captain

Daniel Boone HS Varsity 2014-2015
Team Captain

Brandon will be graduating High School 2015. 
 I am hoping he continues playing hockey during his college years!


11 pretty purplexing comments:

  1. What an amazing timeline of Brandon's hockey years! I laugh at the boys sometimes with their hockey hair... or should I say "great flow"...

  2. haha! We called him Goldilocks.

  3. That is so cool! (no pun intended for ice hockey) ;)
    That picture of him winking is the best !!! :)

  4. Teething on hockey puck - that's a great bit for his bio. I like long hair but then I grew up in the sixties. I know you have heard this many times - they sure do grow up fast!

  5. Nice pun (even if it's not intended) ;-D
    The winking picture shows his true personality. He has a great sense of humor!

  6. I have a picture of him teething on a puck, but I can't find it. When I do, it will be added to this post.
    Yes, he did grow up fast. It seems like yesterday that I was tying his skates.

  7. i am so happy to see him grow!

  8. I am kinda sad that I didn't get the boy who loved hockey -- but then again, my wallet is pretty happy about it! LOL'
    I see how much time and money my sister puts into her daughter's play -- tournaments every weekend almost. hotels, food, equipment - oh my! But when they love the game -- oh my! there is nothing like that. Makes it all worth it. I honestly thought my adult life would be spent in hockey arenas much as my youth was: but alas, it wasn't meant to be I guess.

    gosh - he had good skating form at such a young age! no wonder he has come so far.

  9. He is a good kid. I'm proud to be his Mom. =D

  10. Hockey is an expensive sport and huge commitment of time, but somehow we managed. It was worth the memories and his happiness.
    I would have thought you'd be in a hockey rink too! Each child is different and will pave their way with their own passion. My oldest played hockey, but not as long as Brandon. My middle boy played baseball,basketball and lacrosse.

  11. Oh I sneak over to the arena to watch the games. I love seeing the Junior B level -- they are so keen at that point. And if I had the money, we would have Ottawa Senators seasons tickets for sure!!! (because it's the closest team to us, not necessarily "our" team.)


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