Monday, January 19, 2009

Golden Gophers

Brandon and I were flipping through the channels Saturday night looking for a hockey game. We came across the Minnesota Gophers against St.Cloud. It was fun to watch hockey at the college level. Brandon sounded like a commentator making remarks "Wow, look at that check!" or "That should have been a penalty!"

You may get a chuckle out of knowing that Zachary's nickname from his 5th grade classmates is "gopher". When he was in 5th grade his teacher would send him to the office to "go for" this or "go for" that. So the kids picked up on it quickly and "gopher" stuck!

By the way: football update - Eagles lost against the Cardinals. We only saw part of the game because of Zach's lacrosse schedule. Not too much a big deal in our house, because no one is an Eagles fan. Although we have a lot of friends who are bummed out!

2 pretty purplexing comments:

  1. We love the Gophers here in Minnesota! We have been to a few games, they are a riot to go to. We know some of the boys on the team so it makes it even more fun to watch. Was that FSNORTH you watched the game on? If you get that channel our high school has games on that channel too.

  2. The channels are listed as numbers through our local cable company. I'm not sure what is was other than channel 535. I think it rotates college hockey games and we just got lucky with the Gophers. I'm going to get some Gopher sweatshirts for the boys!


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