Monday, January 12, 2009

Hockey Recap

This weekend was filled with hockey games. Saturday we played the Quakers and won! Yipee! A dad from the Quakers team sat behind me and some other hockey moms because he said he can't stand one of the fathers from his own team. He said he yells at his son and is very rude. He was right! We heard this dad - from the opposite side of the rink - yelling the entire game. I felt sorry for his son.

Sunday we had to make a 2 1/2 hour drive to the poconos for a game against the Pirates. We won 4 to 2! Let me tell you about the opponets parents... they were brutal and horrible. Shouting out mean things to the kids and us (the parents). I do not understand why people have to be that way. Especially when it's kids playing! Brandon got a penalty for slashing. I personally did not see a slash and thought it was a good check (but I'm his mom and I have to say that). Anyway, the pirate parents went nuts because our coach was contesting the call. I'm glad we don't play them again for the remainder of the season! WOW!

Here are some silly shots of Jack and Brandon before the pirates game. They aren't the greatest because I took them with my camera phone.

Oh! Brandon's coach said he was going to cut his hair if he didn't keep it out of his face! YAHOO!

3 pretty purplexing comments:

  1. Unfortunately as you continue to follow the kids as they move along in sports over the years you will find more and more of the over-zealous parents. If they could just sit back and enjoy their children everyone would be a lot better off. Watching the fans in pro sports act the way they do has filtered down to kids sports. How someone in the stands who has never played the sport knows more then the people participating is beyond me. When I was Athletic Director I always told the idiot parent at my HS 2 things: when things are not going good for our team that is when they truely need your support and encouragement and that is all I want to hear you yell. And, if you want to yell rude things at players, coaches or officials here is your money back and you may leave. Now go buy yourself a ticket to a pro sport where everyone is getting paid big bucks to perform and you yell and act like an idiot and no one will care.

  2. Hockey can sometimes bring the bad out in people. It is really to bad!

  3. The sadest part to me, is that the kids are getting hurt. The hockey moms I sit with always yell out encouraging things and even route for the other team if they had a good play. I have to admit, though, we do have one dad on our team that some folks would like to put a sock in his mouth. One of the moms finally told him to "shut up". :)


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