Thursday, January 15, 2009

Todd the Teacher

Todd started teaching at Radnor High School in 2000. He teaches history and economics. He is also the yearbook advisor. Before that he taught at Haverford High School. I do not say it enough, but I am very proud of my husband! He is very caring, intelligent, witty and loving. I was blessed the day I married him! (I love you honey).

5 pretty purplexing comments:

  1. He looks like he must be a "cool" teacher! Do you ever get to see him in action?

  2. It's a big joke between the students and Todd that I do not exsist. They have never seen me! Only a hand full of teachers have met me too. So you know when you buy a picture it comes with a model picture in it? Well the kids say the photo of me on Todds desk is really not me in the photo - it's the model. haha!

  3. I second Ina teachers do rule! It takes a special person to be a teacher you are really lucky Tami sounds like a great husband too!


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