Thursday, January 22, 2009

Jesus ~ he shoots, he scores!

We have a coach on Brandon's hockey team who is known for yelling out "SHOOT!" and "JESUS!". It's a big joke with the parents. They now count how many time the coach yells "JESUS". When Todd mentioned to the coach they were counting, the coach responded by saying "I'm jewish, Jesus is just a name to me." (Please note: It was all in fun. No one was trying to put down anyones religion.) Today, Todd found this t-shirt online and bought it for the coach. I can't wait until it comes in so we can present it to him!

3 pretty purplexing comments:

  1. Classic I love it! I would probably be one of those parents yelling....not proud but I would be! And thats why my daughter has almost banned me from watching her sports.

  2. My boys had a coach that would yell Jesus Christ all the time. It really bothered my boys. I guess it bothered a ref. once too because he threw him off the bench for saying it and told him never to say it again during a hockey game and coaching a team. It worked he never said it again while coaching the boys. Can't wait to hear how the coach likes his t-shirt. I am one of those hockey moms that stands alone in the corner. I don't yell, but I don't like listening to other parents commenting on other kids besides their own. Sometimes I say my thoughts outloud and like no one to hear. My corner is filling up with other moms so, I may have to pick another one soon! The joys of hockey!


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