Tuesday, January 27, 2009

It's a hard knock life...

Last night Zachary was trying to be a good son and mop the new tile kitchen floor. It still has a lot of dust on it from the grouting process. I walked in on him dancing and singing, kicking his feet up in the air - all while holding onto the mop. He was singing at the top of his lungs "its a hard knock life". OMG! It was sooo funny! I wanted to video tape, but he stopped singing as soon as he saw me. We must have giggled for a half an hour. A nice bonding moment with my silly 13 year old son.

Todays weather has brought us an icky day ~ and I had to go into work ~ blah! It snowed, but then it rained on top of it and now everything is a big slushy mess.
I got up this morning, drank a hot cup of tea and read a little. Bless my son ~ Zach asked me if I had to work and I said "yes, but Dad has to clear the snow out of the driveway first". He took it upon himself to shovel the driveway and sidewalks, in addition to clearing off my van (which was covered in snow and ice). He is such a sweet boy, turning into a wonderful man. (Someday his future wife better thank me!! haha!)

2 pretty purplexing comments:

  1. I love boys! Hug him hard while you can :)

  2. Yes! Zach is not the type of boy who wants hugs from his mom anymore. So I really savor these moments when I get them!


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