Thursday, January 12, 2012

Ellie's New Collar

Miss Ellie Mae gets very excited when she gets a new collar.  (It is like me when I get a new  piece of jewelry!)    She happily wags her tail and prances around as if she is a princess.  Actually, I consider her my princess because I am surrounded by all boys (and hubby) in my household.  It's just me and Ellie. Us girls have to stick together!

We put our phone numbers on the back of the tag.  ID  tags will assist in identifying a lost or injured pet and are one of the best ways to save a pet parent the agony and heartache of losing a pet. 

Pet Smart has many different tag styles you can choose from and a Quick-Tag kiosk machine that engraves within minutes.  

pictures from Petsmart
It's much better than mail order.  You only pay for the tag (not shipping and handling like in the mail).  You can choose different fonts and also get to see on the screen exactly what will print, so there is not mistakes.  

8 pretty purplexing comments:

  1. So cute!!! She is definetly a diva!!

  2. A princess indeed. So sweet with her new COLLAR. Pretty in purple. I have been driving a porcelain bus, battling the flu and losing this week. So-oo sick. Feel horrible. Don't know when I'll be back again to comment. take care.

  3. Ellie is so pretty! I LOVE this picture of her. Her collar matches some of my hair!

  4. Miss Ellie is rocking the new collar! It's so funny Sophie will be hanging out the car window at a red light and I'll hear the car next to me say Hi Sophie! Because they can read her tag...freaks me out! lol

  5. @Kari- Yep! Ellie is a Diva!
    @tarryterre - FEEL BETTER
    @Ina - HAHAHA! No wonder why I love you! Purple is my favorite color!
    @Kathy - Sophie is so dang cute! of course people want to get her attention. :)

  6. Ellie's new collar is quite flattering - the color suits her. What a pretty girl you are Ellie!


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