Monday, January 30, 2012


Brandon had two games this weekend. By hockey standards, that's an easy weekend.  Friday night he played for his high school team.  
Saturday's game was with VFC (his travel team) and they played against the top team in their league.  VFC was the underdog and had three players missing due to injury. 
The Quakers bench is stacked!
Valley Forge Colonials only had 10 players.

My favorite play of the game! Brandon checking an opponent so hard that he flew up into the air. {Proud Hockey Mom Moment!
It was a competitive game. The boys hung in there but lost 7-5. 
They didn't hang their heads though! These boys are tough!

I got to see my all time favorite hockey player (#10 Philadelphia Flyers - now retired) John LeClair.  He was coaching his son and team: Junior Flyers.
 Also on the Jr. Flyers is the son of Chris Gratton (another former Flyers player).

After the hockey game we stopped at a sports grille restaurant for lunch.  The atmosphere was cool. We were surrounded by sports themes.  Of course my favorite is the hockey wall of fame.
The menu consisted of a lot of hamburgers and fatty foods.  I tried a creamy potato soup that didn't turn out to be creamy or good
 Unfortunately I don't think we will be going back there again.
Saturday night was date night.  We went to The Movie Tavern.  It's a movie theater where you can dine and watch a movie at the same time.  The seats are leather and comfy.  They have a TV tray that swivels and a cup holder.  You can even order WINE!  :-) And there is a little button you press if you need more wine service.  
My hubby, me, my BFF and her hubby went to see Underworld in 3D.
Don't we look silly?

 Sunday was a day to relax.  
I tried to scrapbook, but Corbie kept getting in the way!
At least I got my blogging done…   

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  1. Love the 3D glasses! Took my great nephew, his mom, her mom/my sister to see Beauty & The Beast in 3D. We had a great time and good popcorn!

  2. I'm a big Flyers fan so that is exciting : ) Sounds like you had a fun weekend!

  3. Wow sounds like a fun weekend....especially the movie!Sorry your team loss! Hope Monday is playing you on words! You are good!

  4. Looks like you had a few Proud Hockey Mom Moments over the weekend with those two games. Sorry your potato soup was so bad. Dinner at the movies looks like alot of FUN. I definitely would do that if I could. Corbie is too cute interfering with your scrapbooking. How can you get mad? Just wants to be the center of attention. LOL Take care.

  5. I tagged you! Check out my blog for more details! :)


  6. Priorities - I love that at least you got your blogging done ;)

    Interesting that you can play on travel and a high school team at the same time. In Illinois, the IHSA prohibits you from being on any other teams if you're on the high school team (at the same time). You have to leave your team or wait until the season is over before playing with the high school. Sorta good, but ... sort of a pain in the neck, too.

  7. Michelle - we belong to the DVHL. I suppose it depends on what region you live in and what their rules are. Some travel team coaches won't let you play on a high school team. Our coach is laid back and figures, if they love hockey they should be allowed to play.

  8. Looks like a super fun weekend except for that one restaurant with the bad food.

    You and Heather look fab in your eyewear!!!

  9. Ha, my cats are always in the way, too. They dearly love to sit on top of anything I put on a table or spread out over the bed.

    Two games in a weekend is a light one, huh? There is a part of me that is hoping that neither of my boys grows up to play hockey (but don't tell my Canadian husband I said that)!


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