Monday, January 16, 2012

Weekend Recovery Needed!

Friday night was my BFFs son's 15th birthday.  We went to PF Changs with the Feltenberger Family to celebrate.
Tami & Heather
 Brandon had 3 hockey games this weekend.
Saturday we got up at 7am to go to the first hockey game. Lucky for us this game was on home ice and we didn't have to travel.

While there, I went shopping for hockey T-shirts.  Found this one:
Puck star! 
 After we got home I had some energy. Not sure where the spark came from, but I took advantage and gutted the two upstairs bathrooms and accomplished a much needed cleaning.
That's a whole 'nother story and you will have to read my Mrs. Fix-it Post to see more.

Sunday Morning we had to get up at 5am.  Yes! That's right!  5am!
This hockey game was at Ice Works in Aston, PA (which is an hours travel time).
The game began at 7:45am and players have to be there an hour earlier for warm ups.
This early in the morning there was NO ONE at the rink.
EMPTY!  Notice, not a single soul in the stands!
Empty benches.
Empty Score Booth
Even the Snack Bar was empty!
Our team arrived before the owners of the Snack Bar!
Seriously, that is SAD!
Eventually our players came out.
Brandon looks like he is wishing he didn't have to get up at 5am!
 I am happy to report VFC won the game 5-4!
That made getting up a 5am a bit better.

Of course I went looking for more Hockey T-shirts as soon as the Pro Shop opened up for business.
Sunday night at 9:15pm Brandon had his third game. This one was for his high school team, Daniel Boone.  Games typically last an hour and a half. By the time Brandon got undressed and came out of the locker room, it was 11pm.
  We didn't get home until 11:30pm.  
I should have taken a nap Sunday afternoon!

Needless to say, I need a day to recover from the weekend!  Most folks have off Monday for Martin Luther King Jr. Day.  I do not.  I have four little ones to watch.  It's better than the six I normally have though.

Do you have off from work on Monday? If so, how are you spending your time off?

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  1. That is quite exhausting!! Did you eat your Sunday Dinner?

    We do not have to work BUT yours truly booked a client for Monday morning so yours truly has to go to work BUT the cleaning lady for yours truly is coming Monday anyway so it all works out......

  2. WOW! 5am. Too early, indeed. At least victory was theirs. LOVE all the cute T-Shirts with witty quotes. Very COOL. We're officially unemployed so we're off on Monday. I'm still recovering from the flu so I'm taking it easy. Bless your heart for watching all those little ones. Hope it's a good day. take care.

  3. Ina - We didn't have Sunday dinner this week because of it being so hectic. I tried the ham recipe on Thursday. I found it to be very yummy!
    Taryterre-feel better soon!

  4. Oh, such a strenuous weekend! I wish you a nice week!

  5. Wow, what a busy weekend! Love those hockey t-shirts :)

  6. Holy-moley that sounds like a jam-packed weekend. I couldn't imagine doing that. The hockey shirts are fun. Hope you can squeeze some rest time in this week!!! Bis bald!!! :)

  7. that is what I can expect once my son is old enough to play hockey? or my daughter I guess too. I think I am glad they have chosen swimming and soccer so far!

    Thanks for dropping by Time Out for Mom. If you want to join in the Listicle List, write your post of 10 things I Never... and then you can link up at Stasha's blog:

    Stasha at The Good Life - Monday Listicles

  8. Those hockey shirts are too funny. Guess every "hobby/activity" has it's own lingo and humor.
    I knit, cross stitch, read and do a few other things. I have at least one T-shirt for each of my "loves".

  9. Holy cats that's a long day. Poor kid - and you! I am definitely not a morning person, but I'm sure that someday I'll be doing the same thing for the wee ones. Love the hockey shirts!


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