Friday, January 20, 2012

Sisters 1974

In 1974:
Flyers won the Stanley Cup vs. Boston Bruins!
Top TV show was 'All in the Family'
Minimum wage $2.00 an hour
Gas cost $0.63 a gallon
A stamp cost $.10

In 1974:
 my sisters and I liked...
Pop Rocks
Paint by Numbers
Sock Monkey
Holly Hobby
 Banana Seat bikes
Big Wheels
Weaving Loom
Kenner's Play-doh
and Each Other!

Tami Faith, Tori Hope and Tiffani Charity

12 pretty purplexing comments:

  1. I have 2 sisters also. We do not get along. We used to, for the most part. Minus the huge age gap between us, 4 years between each of us. Funny how life changes as you get older and we no longer get along....

  2. Oh I'm LOVIN' this. I got married in 1975.

    Is that a cattle watering trough you're swimming in???

  3. WOW!!! I've never seen those pics! I should do something like that about me and my sisters.
    Very well captured.


  4. How sweet was that. You all look adorable. I had forgotten how cheap gas and postage was. Makes me want to cry. Those were the days my friend...

  5. What a nice "swimming-pool"! :-) I love old pictures. I should also do something like that.

    Lg, Regula

  6. Great photos Tami. I love your and your sisters' middle names.

  7. Seriously flash back I loved all those things and swear had the same winter coat! You and your sisters names middle especially so cool! Have a great weekend!

  8. I have a picture of me with my sibs in a big tub like that on my grandparent's farm. My older sister would kill me if I posted it I think : )

    Def remember the Flyers win! Fred Shero's son sat next to me in homeroom and Bernie Parent and Bobby Clark lived nearby. I still see Bobby Clark whenever I'm at my mom's because he has breakfast every day or almost every day at our favorite local diner.

  9. Hi Tami,
    great pictures and a funny swimming pool..........
    In 1974 i was three years old....
    and Germany was "Fussball-Weltmeister " :-)

    Ein schönes Wochenende dir und deiner Familie


  10. What an endearing post, Tami! Wish I had siblings to have shared my life with like that. Consider yourself very lucky!

    BTW, love all of your middle names. Your mom and dad were very insightful when they gave you those.

  11. Oh how SWEET! I love those photos :) And oh some of those items bring back memories...

    PS Guess who forgot to buy stamps today before they went up ;)

  12. So cute! Love that enormous galvanized tub!


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