Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Nothing says it like a Romance Card

I was shopping in Target last week and happened to pass by the card isle.  
The Valentines Day cards caught my eye. 
They weren't the typical love cards you would think a husband or wife would purchase for their spouse.
But no matter who you are, there was a card for you…

For the food lovers….
For the frisky...
For the elderly….
For those living in sin….
For the medicated….
For the spoiled rotten….
For the loving husband who knows his roll in the marriage….
Have fun shopping for your significant other this Valentines Day.

6 pretty purplexing comments:

  1. Made me smile. Beautiful sentiments, all.

  2. *ha,ha* "Yes, Dear", that's good. It's a pity that I will not get it in Switzerland...

    Lg, Regula

  3. A wide variety of sassy-ness!!! Mine would say: Still trying to find it.....

  4. I can't imagine Trophy Wife selling well. I knew a guy that was said to have a trophy wife. I finally met her once. I think it was second or third place.

  5. Oooo those are some entertaining ones. That said, I have a friend I may need to buy the therapy one for. Too perfect!


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