Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Hockey T-shirts

My friend, Heather and I always like to visit the Pro shops at every hockey rink we go to.  The most entertaining part of the shop is the Hockey T-Shirts.  Hockey humor to understand some, but the innuendoes are obvious! =)

Hockey players gloves smell so bad - even after taking them off, their hands still carry the smell on them!  
This is something every player is taught at an early age.  Kids tend to use just one hand.  =)
Hockey equipment after a game is disgustingly drenched! 
Red light goes off when a goal is scored.
No description needed, right?

ps. Pictures were all taken by me at different Proshops we visit.

3 pretty purplexing comments:

  1. Cool shirts!! I like the last one the best! ;)

  2. Tolle Shirts. Du hast einen neuen Header, sieht richtig toll aus. Gefällt mir supergut.

    Alles Liebe Barbara

  3. Great t-shirt my hands stink, it should say and elbows too!


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